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Top-Rated Bagel Spot in Every State

The team at Trips to Discover wanted to find the top-rated bagel shop in every state based on Google Reviews. We searched Google Maps for over 2,600 bagel-related eateries in the U.S. We then ranked shops by weighing Google review scores, number of reviews and degree of bagel specialization to find each state’s most esteemed bagel shop.


Small Businesses Brace For Next Stage Of The COVID Economy
By Grant Gerlock

At 5 Borough Bagels in Clive, workers wear masks while they steam milk for lattes. Blue tape shows customers where to stand while they order. Owners Sarah and Toney Chem say there’s no room for people to sit at a safe distance inside, so they’ve set up a few patio tables outside. This is business during a pandemic, and it’s still a work in progress.


The Bagel Shop Everyone Is Talking About In Your State
These bagels are worth every carb.
By Hannah Doolin

If donuts and other sweet pastries just don’t do it for you in the morning, chances are you’re a bagel friend. According to Yelp, these are the bagel shops you need to stop at for your coffee and carb fix, whether you prefer yours smeared with cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon or piled with other fixings to make an epic bagel sandwich.


The Best Bagel Shop in Every State
By Nancy Mock

Whether in your own neighborhood or hitting the road, we’ve tracked down the 50 best bagel shops, so you can always have your nosh.


The 8 Best Bagel Shops in Iowa!
By Brad Lane

Nothing quite starts your day off right like biting into a fresh bagel, and whether you slather yours with cream cheese or transform it into a breakfast sandwich, the state of Iowa will never leave you hanging when it comes to quality bagel shops. To find that authentic New York-style bagel or your next favorite breakfast entrée, be sure to check out these eight best bagel shops in Iowa.


Datebook Diner: Tour the 5 Boroughs, no subway required
By Karla Walsh

The history of the bagel is a fascinating one. In fact, in “The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread,” Maria Balinska details the carb icon’s rise from Poland in the 1600s to its ubiquity in supermarkets and delis today.


Where to Get the Best Bagel in Every State in America
As if you need an excuse for your daily bagel.
By Hailey Maher, Georgetown University

July 26 may not be Christmas, but it is arguably the next best day of the year: Bagelfest. Show your appreciation for these doughy, round godsends by patronizing the best bagel joint in your state.


Not your Bubbe’s bagels: Here are America’s 40 favorite bagel shops
Here’s the rundown of the 40 American bagelries to knock off your bucket list:


Clive eatery brings New York bagels to Iowa
By Kristin Danley-Greiner
After living in New York, Toney and Sarah Chem returned to Des Moines desperately missing New York’s famous bagels. So the couple decided to start a business that would bring those bagels to the heartland.


The Best Bagels in America
While some say that you can’t find a good bagel outside of New York City, we’ve always felt that bold argument was flawed. Passionate bagel makers everywhere do their time to learn the trade and, if they’re lucky, they’re celebrated for imparting their own unique approaches to these rustic, ring-shaped breads. So with this list, we’re proud to celebrate the bagel makers that are waking up well before daybreak to roll, boil and bake the nation’s best!


Build-your-own breakfast at this must-try Des Moines-area bagel shop
By Matthew Leimkuehler
Sometimes you need to start your day with a kick.
Coffee? Sure. An energy drink? Only if you’re brave enough. When the day’s high temperature is five degrees? I’ll have a bagel laced with sriracha bacon cream cheese, please.