Sarah was born and raised in New York, where she met aspiring actor/singer Toney at age 19. They became best friends who always laughed and ran around the city together. Friendship soon turned into love, and the rest is history. They discussed moving to Iowa, where Toney was originally from, got engaged and said goodbye to Queens.

One rainy day in 2015, Sarah craved a New York Style bagel so they grabbed ingredients and started to bake. They made their first cream cheese recipe with some of their favorite things; sriracha and bacon. After Sarah took one bite, she told Toney, “Let’s open a bagel cafe!” Toney said, “OKAY!” and even looked at restaurant spaces that night.

It wasn’t until over a year later the restaurant space they kept an eye on became vacant, and they immediately placed a letter of intent. Shortly after, they received an email that stated they were APPROVED and had only 8 weeks until opening day! At this point, they had to be their own general contractors. On June 13th, 2016, 5 Borough Bagels was born. They couldn’t believe their crazy idea morphed into a beautiful shop where locals would stop in for a delicious bagel and coffee.

Proudly locally owned & operated, Sarah and Toney cherish 5 Borough Bagels and created it from love and passion. They want nothing more than to create a comfortable space for people to visit and ‘escape’ for a delicious bagel and coffee.


BLENDED CREAM CHEESE – House blended daily using only quality ingredients

BAGELS – Kettle boiled and baked daily in-house. NYC style baby!

COFFEE – Roasted locally by Capital City Coffee